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Kannapolis Charter Academy uses Imagine Math for grade levels 3-7. This is an online computer program that offers a rigorous math curriculum, based off of core standards. The great thing about this program is that it adapts its lessons to each individual scholar’s needs. Imagine Math helps by providing engaging lessons that are differentiated, to assist in areas that scholars may lack an understanding of. It is also a program that is motivational and gets scholars excited to learn and complete lessons through this software.
Imagine Nation recently held a “students love math” contest where educators throughout the country were asked to nominate one of their scholars that represents or embodies the “Imagine Learning Spirit” This would be those displaying consistent effort, hard-work and showing love for math although it’s not always easy.

4th-grade teacher Ms. DiGirolomo nominated her scholar Sincere. “His use of this program has allowed him to make connections from what he is learning on Imagine Math to what he is being taught in the classroom.” Sincere loves to use the resources and complete lessons on Imagine Math daily and now helps others in the class and on the software when needed. “Sincere has completed 84 lessons on Imagine Math. He has shown significant growth in class. He is highly motivated to complete Imagine Math and to pass the lessons. Sincere started at 375Q level on the first benchmark and on the second benchmark he scored a 575Q. He grew 205Q. He is now in the 50th percentile.” This is a great example of a student using the program successfully.

6th-grade teacher Ms. Palmer nominated her scholar Anthony. “One of my suggestions was using Imagine Math every week. AJ jumped at the opportunity and began using it. He started focusing more on his math, asking questions in class and discussing the lessons from Imagine Math. His work began to improve and his grades shot up, and self-esteem improved.”
AJ stated school late and missed many of the important math lessons which caused him to fall behind. With his BOG formative assessment for math, he was considered one of Palmers low students. Through use of the program, Palmer states “AJ had become one of my highest growing students and his formative scores now place him above grade level! AJ has become a leader in the classroom.” When asked if this program helped his success in math, AJ stated: “yes, because it sees where I am struggling and circles back so I can keep working on it.”

7th-grade teacher Mrs. Mason nominated her scholar Sidney. Sidney has a unique learning situation because she started middle school after being homeschooled for two years. She did not have experience with common core curriculum and sometimes struggled with conceptual understanding of foundational topics. Mrs. Mason states, “she has shared with me on numerous occasions that she enjoys doing Imagine Math because she feels it builds her conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.” Although Sidney was homeschooled, Imagine Math has given her the confidence and self-esteem to do great in math. She helps her peers and is also considered to be positive competition because she is often at the top of the leaderboards. Mason states, “Sidney’s grades have been positively affected by imagine Math and continues to impact her desire to learn.”

KCA is proud of all nominees and winners. Keep up the good work!
And remember to love MATH!